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a sniper: a bombshell: a legacy

Ed Harrison has a unique pedigree. It started as an elite army sniper, elite on the world stage. Then recruited into Special Forces, and from there to dark ops with British Intelligence. Civilian life beckoned in City of London high finance, company turnarounds, and international consulting. Then latterly a change to Fine Art. A lifetime of achievement, excellence, success. A life of many paths. But also a life with its fair share of bombshells.
Now a reluctant retiree, his only regret is the lack of a legacy.
And suddenly another bombshell. He wins the EuroMillions lottery. The jackpot. A huge amount! But it comes with problems, equally huge. He cannot disclose the sum, not even to those closest. He doesn’t need the money. He craves no normal indulgence.
Carefully, he fakes the winning sum. It’s time for his legacy. A belief system, beliefs nurtured since childhood and fuelled through life’s experiences.
He returns to his former days. A double life of secrecy and subterfuge. His sniper days, his dark ops days resurface.
His legacy begins – Charity and Justice.
Charity that is different, enlightened.
Justice that is clinical, deadly.
ISBN: 978-1803694108
Pages: 320
Price: £9.99