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Who am I?

Scott Mac is a pseudonym, as fictional as my story in ‘THE WIN’. 

The following biography is nevertheless factual.

AGE – Irrelevant!

PEDIGREE – Born and bred in Scotland. Educated in Aberdeen, Hawick and Perth, but departed school (as rapidly as possible) at the age of 15.  Favourite school subject – sport, particularly rugby. Top subject – English (Always telling stories, not all of them true, but thanks to a father who instilled the use of correct grammar, at least the spoken word, and when writing, the composition, punctuation, and spelling were reasonable!).

Grasped the first job that came along, banking, and stuck at it. A real education began!  Climbed through the bureaucracy and management layers thanks to hard graft, commitment, and a level of flair that turned out to be unusual within the profession. Ended up as one of the youngest bank directors in the UK.

The entrepreneurial spirit took over as Chairman/ CEO of a Property Services Group (15 Estate Agency/Lettings/Auction businesses spanning the UK). Moved to consulting, specialising in Corporate Structural Change and Financial Retailing – contracts in UK, Greece, Turkey, Germany. Returned to the UK as Business Angel (sectors – Marketing, Advertising, Sports, Retail, Manufacturing). Owner of highly respected Contemporary Art Gallery. Turned to first love, music, as bandleader, creative director/ show producer of top theatre showband. Covid killed the fun (and the audiences), so turned to writing. Currently therefore, writer/novelist.


During this extensive list (spanning  50 years), taught and lectured at conferences/ seminars at home and abroad. Alongside the spoken word, wrote and published numerous articles/ commentaries covering banking, marketing, selling, leadership, and contemporary art.

Within this varied career history writing always loomed large. Wrote and produced two coffee table books published under my real name, plus a textbook on financial retailing. Whereas these books were based on hard fact and heavily illustrated, a fictional novel requires imagination, creativity, and importantly, imagery through words. As a natural creative, the freedom involved in writing ‘The Win’, the facility available of artistic licence, the letting a tale take its own course with imagination given free rein, the whole experience was joyful and refreshing.

Why the pseudonym Scott Mac? Adds a mystique perhaps?

The Covid pandemic created an unexpected window of opportunity. With lockdown came time to satisfy a lifelong desire. Time to devote to a novel, and to give birth to Scott Mac.